‘90210’ Recap - 'Strange Brew'

By Alyssa DeSocio,

Annie and Liam are in the kitchen washing dishes. They start passionately kissing when Annie snaps out of her dream to Liam talking. She says she got lost in her writing. When Liam asks her to put aloe on his back after a day in the sun she realizes she is attracted to him and comes up with an excuse to leave.

Dixon and Michaela listen to her track and she doesn’t believe it is her singing. Dixon wants her to perform at Naomi and Marks new restaurant opening, but he has to tell Silver first and assure her it won’t affect her being a surrogate.

Silver and Adrianna brainstorm on what to do with their new truck. Silver wants to find something to put her focus on. Naomi enters the living room tired from unloading supplies for the restaurant. She wants to bond more with her half-brother, but she feels more like they are just coworkers. Instead of only seeing him at the restaurant she decides to ask him to move into her mansion.

At the publisher’s office, Annie sits watching her read. The publisher wants her to make an ending to the book by going deeper and not masking her feelings in real life because obviously the book brought up feelings that she is avoiding.

On campus, Campbell catches up to Navid and asks him for a favor. Campbell needs Navid to take his fiancé to an event because he needs to break things off permanently with a crazy ex. Campbell also tells Navid he is going to recommend him as a leader for Chronos Society next year.

Dixon is in the studio working on some new tracks when Silver walks in to talk. He decides to help her brainstorm on some ideas for her new truck. Since Silver was into filmmaking, Dixon mentions turning the truck into some type of film studio. Silver decides on a documentary truck and Adrianna calls her cutting off their conversation.

Back at Annie and Liam’s house, Mark moves his stuff in because his apartment is a wreck. Naomi gets mad because she wanted him to live with her. When Annie tells Naomi about her attraction to Liam, she thinks Annie should go for it.

Liam is helping Mark set up for the restaurant opening. Mark offers Liam to tell his beer that he made a while ago at the opening. Naomi arrives and convinces Mark to spend the day with her outside of the restaurant.

Navid and Campbell’s fiancé Sonia are out together having a good time. When Navid goes to get them a table he see’s Campbell and another woman kissing by the elevators.

Naomi and Mark spend time together at a carnival and discuss their interests.

While Navid is walking through campus, Campbell asks him to take his fiancé out again to the restaurant opening while he finishes up some homework. Navid gets suspicious but agrees.

Silver and Adrianna set up for their documentary. Annie thanks them for inviting her because she needed to get out. When Adrianna mentions what she heard from Naomi about Liam, silver tries to give her advice. With no one coming over to truck for the documentary, Adrianna puts up a sign for free makeovers to get peoples attention.

While Liam is packing his beer at the place he Dixon walks in and talks to him about Michaela’s new singing career. Liam thinks he needs to tell Silver as soon as possible. When Dixon tries Liam’s beer, he tells him it tastes horrible.

At the carnival, Naomi and Mark are on a Ferris wheel and come to realization that they have nothing in common. At the top, the Ferris wheel stops causing Naomi to become worried because they need to get back to the restaurant. Mark reassures her its ok because it is only a soft opening with friends and family. Naomi admits she invited a hundred people causing Mark to panic.

At Silver and Adrianna’s truck, they give a lady a makeover and she tells a story similar to Annie and Liam’s.

At the restaurant, Liam gives a guy one of his beers but the guy doesn’t seem to like it. Mark asks Liam to get rid of his beer.

Navid and Sonia talk about how Campbell is going to get a job with her father in financial banking. Navid decides they should go surprise Campbell.

Naomi is running around serving food and drinks. She asks Dixon to get Michaela on stage so the guests stay entertained.

When Silver, Annie, and Adrianna arrive at the restaurant they all go separate ways to take care of personal things.

Michaela gets on stage to sing.

After the performance, Silver congratulates Michaela and finds out about her and Dixon working together. Silver isn’t happy because she needs Michaela to be more concerned about being her surrogate not touring and hanging out in bars.

Noami gets upset with Mark because he is not treating her nice. She sits down and starts eating when all of a sudden she can’t breathe. Mark gets a needle and relieves her pain.

When Annie arrives home she finds Liam drunk on the couch. Annie talks about what they both want from each other. Liam passes out on the couch while she tells him she still loves him.

Outside the restaurant, Noami and Mark sit on the steps and talk about both being allergic to the same thing. Mark talks about his adoption and wanting to know what his family was like. Noami apologizes and they share some laughs.

Adrianna goes over to Silvers house to bring her the camera she left in the truck. After a long hard day Adrianna gives Silver some advice on giving others their dream moment like Dixon did for Michaela. Silver watches a video message Dixon left for her. He says he wants them both to get everything they want so he asks Silver to be the director of their music video.

Annie brings Liam coffee the next morning. Liam admits his beer was horrible, but Annie commends him on trying. As Annie is leaving, Liam asks if they spoke the night before. Annie replies, no.

On the beach, Liam and Dixon suit up to go surfing. Liam tells Dixon he wants to find something he loves and is passionate about. When Dixon says he would pay money for Liam’s custom board, Liam considers it.

Annie brings her new ending to the publisher’s office. At the end the two characters fall in love and live happily ever after. Annie admits its true just not at the moment in her life.



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