ABC says Oscar ads were a hot and expensive commodity this year

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
A head of prime-time advertising at ABC says this year's Oscars show is probably the most profitable in a decade.

According to sources at ABC, Sunday’s airing of the Oscars will be one of the most profitable in about a decade.

According to Deadline, 30-second spots for the program were priced at $1.7-1.8 million and have already sold out way ahead of Sunday’s show.

Disney, who owns the network, will reportedly be getting a discount rate during the show in an ad for Oz the Great and Powerful, their major film release in March.

According to the New York Times, big time advertisers are gearing up for all the Super Bowl-type buzz that will come with the launch of new ads from Hyundai, Neutrogena and Grey Poupon. Susan Sweet, one of the heads at Neutrogena, told the Times that it’s all justified, since the Oscars are the “Super Bowl of the entertainment industry.”

Neutrogena’s new TV spot will feature actress Jennifer Garner showing off a variety of the skin-care line’s products.

According to the report, Hyundai has purchased multiple ads for the show, several of which will play on a film industry theme for the car company. One of the commercials for the new Equus model will reportedly be some kind of movie trailer spoof.



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