Actress Drew Barrymore accepts Jewish faith, undergoes surgery to remove tattoos

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The star is rumored to be getting rid of her ink for her husband's religion

Long-time actress Drew Barrymore, 38, is reportedly undergoing laser surgery to remove tattoos following her recent transition to the Jewish faith.

While the actress hasn't yet fully converted, Barrymore shared with Star magazine that she and husband Will Kopelman will be raising her four-month-old daughter, Olive, in the Jewish tradition, Radar Online reported.

"I haven't converted yet, [but] Olive will be raised traditionally. We had a very traditional wedding ceremony with Rabbi Rubenstein and I did the ketubah. We wore the yamakas and we did the chuppah … it's a beautiful faith and I'm so honored to be around it."

Perez Hilton reported that since Barrymore wants to be buried in a Jewish cemetery, she has to erase all of the ink from her body.

A source added, “Drew also wants to be a Santa Barbara mom, and tattoos clash with that wardrobe. She’s growing up and turning conservative.”

According to Radar Online, the actress has a total of six tattoos – a butterfly, a bouquet of flowers, two angels, a crescent moon, and even a cross. The ink is on several different body parts ranging from her back to her toe.

Image: Twitter



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