Alec Baldwin responds to Shia LaBeouf's Twitter-e-mail reveal, Tom Chiarella addresses plagiarism in e-mails

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Despite stepping away from his role in the Broadway play Orphans, all has not passed in the Shia LaBeouf, Alec Baldwin and director Daniel Sullivan fiasco as Baldwin is responding to LaBeouf’s decision to leak e-mails exchanged via Twitter. Also, Tom Chiarella is stepping in to add his two cents as LaBeouf is accused of plagiarizing Chiarella’s words from his 2009 article to Esquire into the leaked e-mails.

E! News reports that Baldwin has responded to LaBeouf’s Twitter-e-mail leak, telling The NY Times, “Regarding of what people feel about the events that happened, you expect communications to be private, because everyone wants this process to be as collegial as possible. Everyone is very sad about what's happened."

In addition to stating there was no issue between he and the 30 Rock actor, LaBeouf’s e-mail exchange reveals the Transformers actor taking aim at his father in a variety of sentences, which explain what it is to be a “real man." This eventually segways into why he can no longer be apart of the project.

Chiarella, the original writer of the "what it takes to be a man" discussion responds to LaBeouf's obvious copying saying,“I can't make myself care too much about Shia LaBeouf plagiarizing my words in his letter to Alec Baldwin over some spat over some play. He loaded a few paragraphs of what I wrote in a 2009 issue of Esquire into his cannons, attached them to the phrase 'What I know of men' and then fired straight into the broadside of the HMS Baldwin.”

He notes that he isn’t “outraged” by the incident as we live in a “cut and paste” world. he explains, “actually makes me happy that my words were some succor to the kid, that he found them wise enough (or high enough on the Google search, anyway) to foist them off as his own.”

LaBeouf has not responded to Baldwin’s discussion of revealing the e-mails or Chiarella’s calling out of him “lifting his words.”

He has since been replaced by actor Ben Foster in the Broadway play slated to begin in the middle of March.



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