Alex Rodriguez reassures Lady Gaga before surgery

By Sarah McClanahan,

Lady Gaga received a pep talk from Yankee's third baseman Alex Rodriguez before undergoing surgery for the injury that caused her to cancel 21 dates on her Born This Way Ball tour.

Last week, we reported that Lady Gaga is beginning the long road to recovery from the surgery she had on Wednesday.

She was heartbroken to cancel the rest of her tour dates, but it was a necessary decision - Mother Monster was left unable to walk after one of her shows.

Gaga considered the surgery “a temporary bump in the road” in comparison to her brave fans’ pain and perseverance, and overall is grateful to be living her dream.

According to AZ Central, she is not only grateful for the love and support of her fans, but is also thankful for Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

Rodriguez was in Dr. Bryan Kelly’s office for a follow-up at the same time Gaga was prepping for surgery and took the time to calm her nerves prior to going under the knife.

“It's natural for anyone to be nervous ahead of this type of surgery, especially as a performer or athlete under tremendous pressure to make a quick recovery and be back at peak performance . . . Gaga was anxious, but Alex talked to her for a while and was able to reassure her,” revealed a close friend of Gaga’s.

Gaga’s recovery consists of a few weeks on crutches and months of physical therapy.



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