Amanda Bynes moves out of her apartment after eviction threats

By Stephanie Kaplan,
The troubled star decided to leave her apartment in NYC altogether to avoid confrontation

Rumor has it that Amanda Bynes is packing up and moving out of her Manhattan apartment due to multiple threats of eviction from her landlord.

According to TMZ the actress, who is no stranger to trouble, has moved out after her landlord had sent her several letters stating her lease would end due to multiple complaints from other tenants.

Among the complaints, it was reported that the star's apartment constantly emitted marijuana smoke. Other people also complained that Bynes would even smoke in the public hallways.

Fox News reports that the building is smoke-free.

Instead of dealing with the situation, Bynes chose to pack up and leave her apartment instead. TMZ spotted a moving truck outside the actress' apartment earlier today.

This is not the first time that the star has had legal troubles. In the past couple of months, the star has been involved in car accidents and has had her licensed revoked.

One of the accidents even involved Bynes hitting a police car. However, Bynes reached a settlement during her court cases and the charges were dropped. The star has also been seen exhibiting erratic and bizarre behavior in public.

Photo Courtesy of INF Daily



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