Amanda Knox will give first interview on ABC News with Diane Sawyer

By Daniel S Levine,

Amanda Knox, the college student who was convicted and jailed on murder charges in Italy only to be acquitted in October 2011, will give her first televised interview since returning to the U.S. to ABC News’ Diane Sawyer.

ABC News announced that the interview will cover the dramatic trial in Italy, her conviction and the seemingly never-ending process that eventually led to her acquittal. ABC will air a special on Tuesday, April 30, at 10 p.m. that will include the interview. Clips will be shown on every ABC News program, including World News with Diane Sawyer, Nightline and Good Morning America. Yahoo!, ABCNews.com and local ABC affiliates will also show segments of the interview.

Knox was convicted in 2009 of murdering her roommate in 2007 and spent four years in an Italian jail as her family continued to appeal to the courts. She had been sentenced to 26 years in prison. She was cleared in October 2011.

In February 2012, HarperCollins secured a book deal with Knox for a reported $4 million. The book, titled Waiting to Be Heard, will be released on April 30, the same day that ABC’s special is set to air.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, getting the interview is a major win for ABC, having beat out CBS News, NBC News and international organizations for the highly coveted interview. THR notes that CBS did offer Knox a spot on 60 Minutes.



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