'American Idol' Recap: Hollywood Week Part 4

By Daniela Duron,

Thursday night saw American Idol complete the final round of Hollywood Week, and the Top 40 contestants were finally revealed.

After many intense rounds, 47 girls remain. They have to pull it together for one more solo round, where they are able to choose a song off a list or sing an original of their own.

Randy Jackson sums it up nicely when he says, “If this is going to be your year, today must be the day.”

Angela Miller starts it off by singing an original song she wrote two months before. She also plays the piano and ends up blowing the judges away, as all they are able to say is ‘wow’ while giving her a standing ovation. Keith Urban tells her, “If that was recorded right there, I would play that in my car… That is just a beautiful song.”

Candice Glover then sings “Girl on Fire.” Urban tells her, “You took it and did your own thing with it in such a powerful way. Well done.”

Janelle Arthur is next, and she sings “I Told You So.” Nicki Minaj approves of her performance and tells her, “I love that you always keep it subtle. I think that you are a superstar. A country superstar.”

Zoanette Johnson then once again lives up to her reputation of having a larger than life personality. She ends up making up a completely new song on the spot, and sings about the judges while playing the drums and telling the band what beat to play. The strange performance paid off for Johnson, as Minaj tells her, “I am bowing down at your feet today. I am honored to be a part of Idol this year just to say I was able to be a part of the Zoanette era.”

All four of these girls are then among the ones who end up going through.

Shubha Vedula then sings “When You Believe.” Although she took a risk by singing a song by judge Mariah Carey, it pays off. Carey tells her, “That was a nice moment for me, personally. So thank you.”

Juliana Chahayed is the next girl to impress the judges by singing her rendition of “Landslide.”

Kez Ban then performs an original song, but her time on the show ends there. Minaj tells her, “We appreciate your artistry and we salute your artistry … But your journey ends today.”

Ashlee Feliciano joins her, as she fails to impress the judges with her version of “A Thousand Years.”

After the judges seem to be getting tired of the serious performances, Melinda Ademi finally gives them what they’ve been waiting for. She sings “Price Tag” and Urban says, ‘”Every now and then you have someone who knows who they are and picks the right song.”

Kree Harrison is next, who had been having trouble all season standing out to the judges. She sings “Stars” by Grace Potter and finally has her shining moment. Urban says, “I’ve fought for you and I know why. Literally my arms get covered in chills when you hit certain notes.”

Although Ademi and Harrison get a yes, other notable contestants get sent home, like Brianna Oakley and Sarina-Joi Crowe.

This leaves 24 girls remaining, so they are then called on stage so the judges can make further eliminations to get the final 20 girls.

After eliminating three more, the judges ask Stephanie Schimel and Rachel Hale to sing for them on the spot. Schimel gets sent home, which leaves Hale to join the other girls to round out the top 20.

The remaining 28 guys are then finally called on stage, who have been kept waiting to learn their fate for several days. The judges then ask Adam Sanders and Josh Holiday to sing on the spot.

After deliberating, the judges decide to send Sanders home, along with 7 others that includes David Leathers, Jr. and Marvin Calderon.

Next week the competition only intensifies, as the Top 40 contestants move on to Vegas Week, where they will have to sing in front of a live studio audience.



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