Anderson Cooper gifts Emmy Rossum 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe pillow (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Even celebrities can’t pull their eyes from ABC’s The Bachelor. In fact, Beautiful Creatures starlet Emmy Rossum is such a fan that Anderson Cooper gifted the 26-year-old a pillow of Bachelor Sean Lowe during an interview on Anderson Live.

E! News reports that Cooper was aware of Rossum’s light-hearted crush on Lowe that he gifted her the pillow during their interview. The pillow, which is essentially a picture of Lowe with a rose taped to a pillow, pleased the singer/actress.

"Oh my gosh, he has a rose, too!" Russum gushed. "Look at me and Sean Lowe! Yes, I will accept this rose,” she stated playfully.

Russum was so excited she snapped a picture of herself with her new gift and posted it on Instagram along with the caption, “Anderson Cooper made me this "boyfriend pillow" of #bachelor Sean Lowe holding a rose. I mean! Ridiculous!”

Despite her love of Lowe and the reality series, Rossum still had some critiques for the show. “This house seemingly has so much booze in it, right? And seemingly no food!” she explained. “I never see these girls eating. Some of them must be PMS-ing. So they're PMS-ing, and drunk—and this guy [Sean] is making out with all these other girls. I would have a meltdown, too."

Check out her interview in the video below:



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