Another snowstorm headed towards New England

By Dapinder Dosanjh,

In the past three weeks, New England has been hit with two snowstorms, and now another is on its way.

According to Reuters, the storm first hit the Midwest with “sleet and freezing rain,” which now has New England preparing for the oncoming snow.

City crews throughout the Northeast are trying to minimize potential damage by trimming tree branches, and Boston has decided to “pre-treat roadways to guard against slippery conditions.”

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino stated, “Boston will be ready for its third consecutive weekend storm. Use common sense and stay off the roads while snowfall is heaviest tomorrow.”

The danger posed by this storm has proven to be very serious. On Thursday, a United Express plane landed at the Wichita, Kansas airport, only to get stuck in the snow for two hours, according to USA Today. Passengers had to wait two hours before crews could clear the tarmac and allow them to leave, but fortunately, no one was hurt.

NBC News reports that New England may be covered in up to a foot of snow from this third snowstorm.



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