'Archer' Recap: 'Legs'

By Drew Barile,

In this episode of Archer, Krieger performs surgery on Ray to make him a cyborg, so he can walk again. Krieger, in a spirit of altruism, wants to give Ray the ability to walk and get erections. Ray doesn't want to do it at first, but Krieger says that he can give him full function to his male member. Ray then changes his mind, but Doctor Krieger had already given him a sedative in the coffee. So he starts the operation even though he doesn't seem to demonstrate mastery, yet alone any knowledge of the human body.

Meanwhile, Lana and Archer are arguing about what weapons to bring on mission with the armory clerk, as the ones they want aren't approved by Mallory. As they are fighting with the armory clerk, Cheryl explains that Krieger is making Ray a robot. Archer hates robots. He fears that they are going to take over the world. Archer then, the whole episode, tries to interrupt the surgery imploring all the traditional movie moves, like crawling throughout the air ventilation.

He explains to Lana and Cyril that a gay terminator is being created. Lana and Cyril tell Krieger that Archer is going to try and stop the surgery. Archer gets permission for a rocket launcher which he says he is going to take on a mission. However, he uses it to try and get into the weapon stash, which doesn't work, at all.

Archer then uses the air duct to try and get into the surgery room. Lana and Cyril turn up the heat so Archer won't get to the surgery room. It is a success. The surgery is complete and Ray feels good, so good he dances. Come Monday, Ray can walk and Archer finally comes out of the air duct. He falls out naked and passes out after mustering one last witty quip.



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