'Archer' Recap: 'Midnight Ron'

By Drew Barile,

In this episode, Archer was stranded in Montreal and begged the crew and his mother, but no one was willing to help. Malory was on the phone with Ron at the same time yelling about him being in Schenectady when they have opera tickets for that night. However, Ron happened to hear on the phone with Malory about Archer's problem. He drove to Montreal from Schenectady and rescued Archer from his current plight.

As Archer was at a phone booth, Ron pulled up and Archer jumped in the car. They are driving along and Ron made Archer ride in the trunk as they crossed the Canadian border into New York. After passing the border, Archer is still in the trunk because he fell asleep from drinking. Ron said he would let him out, but it was more important that Archer use his gun on a car attacking them. The trunk popped open after a bumper to bumper slam. Archer, with style and skill, dispatched the pursuers. However, Ron’s Cadillac went off the road.

Once out of the wreckage, Ron confessed that he made the trip often with a suitcase stocked with money and was always ambushed by thugs. Archer asked Ron at the wreckage about whether his bi-annual is the same as semi-annual. They decide to hitchhike and a trucker agreed to take them to New York. However, they could not ride in the cab, as he claims it's because of liberals and insurance. The trailer is filled with beer cases. As they are passing the time, Ron revealed his real last name was Kaczynski, and he used to steal cars with a gang in New York.

Ron explains that he was out buying lunch and his gang was arrested but they never ratted him out. So out of loyalty, he pays them money through his legal car dealerships. As they are talking, the truck driver takes the exit away from New York toward Coxsackie.

The truck stopped at a desolate warehouse. Archer and Ron were then confronted by gimps and cross-dressed rednecks with melee weapons as the truck doors opened. Archer and Ron ran away toward a train.

Archer told Ron that their situation is identical to a prediction from Cheryl’s gypsy.

The two ran onto a passing train. Archer aboard kept moving his hand away from a struggling Ron. Archer eventually pulled him aboard. Archer threw two hobos off the train. Archer and Ron jumped off the train to Ron’s Catskills dealership, so they got back to Malory in time for the opera.

Ron made it to the opera. Malory was furious though because Archer and Ron were buddies as they pulled up. The episode ends with Archer in a hot tub and listening to Woodhouse eating a bowl of spider webs as punishment for not having helped when Archer was stranded in Montreal.



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