'Archer' Recap: 'Once Bitten'

By Drew Barile,

Archer, Cyril and Ray were stuck out in the Turkmenistan desert. Their jeep was buried in the sand. Archer desperately had to go the bathroom, however they forgot toilet paper. Archer tried to convince Cyril let him use their only map as toilet paper. And eventually managed to convince Cyril to give him money for the mission as toilet paper.

As Archer is going behind a rock to do business, Cyril warned him about a Caspian Cobra, and Archer mockingly demised him. But of course, after he poked fun at Cyril he was bit by such a cobra on his "taint" (the perineum).

The episode cut back to ISIS headquarter here Malory was rebuking Lana for her clubbing nature, and explained why she wasn't allowed on the mission. Malory explained the county is the racist and sexist. Moreover the dictator is insane as he had decreed that the words for “bread” and “Friday” were to be the same of his dog’s name.

Archer still in the desert was laying with his pants down and his butt in the air on top of the jeep. He was trying to convince Ray or Cyril to suck out the poison. Cyril explained that it wouldn't make a difference and explained he should not drink alcohol because it will spread the neurotoxin faster. Archer ignored him and drank from a flask. He began to hallucinate more and more, and his condition deteriorated. Archer however reminded Ray that he has bionic legs and to lift the jeep from the hole. However, Ray lifted with his back and not his legs, he threw out his back as a result.

Malory commands Krieger to monitor the mission form the control room and not tell Lana anything. Krieger was reluctant because he was creating rat wedding, however ultimately agreed. Archer refused to allow Cyril to call for extraction and Cyril agreed. Archer did not want to hear Lana give a speech and say I told you so and Cyril did not want to be further emasculated by Lana. Ray chimed in and explains that he had to kill a bear as a child and eat its heart as his father beat him. Archer interrupted saying he saw a truck, the two assured him he was hallucinating. Archer explained to them that is good because he no longer had to fret about the alligators.

Sterling Archer now passed out begins to dream. Archer was in a dreamlike “weigh station” between Heaven and Hell. He guide was James Mason. His guide showed him as tries of him moments from his life. The two recall and watch Archer strike out The Whammer as if Archer was Roy Hobbs from The Natural. He showed him how at age 18 his lost his lacrosse scholarship to Johns Hopkins because a crazed widow who saw him strike out The Whammer shot him in the stomach.

Cyril has the injured Ray and poisoned Archer in the jeep. He was driving across the desert looking for help. He hit a camel and at gun point is captured by Turkmenistan nomads.Cyril unsuccessfully tried to communicate with the tribesmen. Unfortunately the word for"bread,” “Friday” and “snake” are all the same (the dictator's dog name). Ray frustrated with Cyril's inability to gain traction in communicating drew a snake for the Turkmenistan tribesmen. They finally understanding agreed to give them medicine but only for "a lot a lot of money."

Archer eventually came to the memory of his sixth birthday. A mysterious man arrived to give Archer a stuffed alligator. The man identified himself as the Archer's father. But before we the viewer or Archer can receive the name he was revived. The episode ended on that cliff hanger.

image: Fox



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