'Archer' Recap: 'Viscous Coupling'

By Drew Barile,

The episode of Archer begins with Archer drinking Grappa when he encounters Pam and Cheryl standing around a burning trash can. Pam reaches for Archer's drink, thinking it is water, and attempts to use it to quell Cheryl's fire.

When the fire is finally out, Archer asks the two women if they want to get drinks with him. However, they decline as they have dates. Archer feels terrible at the possibility of being alone for the night. He then proceeds to ask his mother who also declined. As he was talking with his mother he blows a special whistle, which makes his ear rings.

He meanders down the hallways with hindered hearing shouting for Lana, hoping she will accompany him for the night. As he was shouting for Lana and hears her yell the word, “yes.” He continues to ask questions aloud, to which she seemingly responds “yes.” Lana then begins to shout “yes” in rapid succession, incrementally louder, as well. When Archer finds the exclamatory Lana, she is in a room having a “close encounter” with Cyril. Archer moves to go vomit.

After Lana and Cyril pull their pants up, Archer confronts Lana. He tries to convince her to sleep with him, that he has matured; and that he is way better then Cyril. However, as Archer has Lana almost convinced, he receives a phone call.

The call is from Katya, his ex-fiance, who is also now Barry's girlfriend. Kayta is worried because Barry has been missing for too long. But we the viewer and Archer know he is not missing, but trapped on the space station. She asks Sterling to find Barry. He agrees. But Archer instead orchestrates a plan to convince Katya that Barry has been cheating on her. If he is successful he plans to run off with her.

Archer enlists the help of Krieger, telling him there would be a robot fight if he helps the plan come true. Krieger being obsessed with robots agreed. Krieger uses a script from Archer with incriminating words as science terms for the space ship. Barry thinks he is saying the name of spaceship components, but he isn’t.

Archer then enlists Pam's help to edit the audio so it sounded like Barry is confessing his infidelity. She helps Archer, but the audio is dubious at best. Archer still plays it to Katya, but, while Archer is engaged elsewhere, Krieger ends up helping Barry repair the ship correctly — he couldn’t help it.

As Archer returns to Krieger to tell him that he thinks the plan worked, he sees Barry launching back to earth. Archer rebukes Krieger and Katya calls Barry on his spaceship phone and they duke it out. The episode ends with Kayta in the Kremlin seemingly in charge of the KGB.



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