Arkansas couple wins the lottery twice in one weekend

By Deana DeLisio,

Talk about luck! An Arkansas couple that had gone fishing for the weekend came home with two winning lottery tickets.

Stephen Weaver, 54, and Terri Weaver, 55, of Stuttgart, Arkansas, stopped on Saturday evening at a convenience store near Pangburn, Arkansas where they purchased the $1 million lottery ticket, reported ABCNews.

Apparently, picking up lottery tickets is a weekly ritual for the couple who waited until they got to their cabin to uncover their prize.

“I almost had a heart attack,” stated Stephen, who owns a plumbing company.

After safeguarding their ticket for the remainder of their trip, the couple then decided to stop at the same convenience story for another lucky shot.

Terri purchased a $10 ticket and was a $50,000 winner. That’s two in one weekend.

“When she handed it to me, I fell back in my chair and almost went into cardiac arrest again,” stated Stephen, “We jumped around, hollered, and screamed. It’s just not possible that it happened twice.”

The couple plans on still working. They said they plan to pay bills and invest in their retirement with the winnings, stated Fox8.

After taxes, the couple collected approximately $714,000



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