‘The Bachelor’ Recap: Sean Tells All

By Sarah McClanahan,

Sean sits down with Chris Harrison to get the inside scoop on why he sent certain women home, and viewers get to see never-before-seen footage from the mansion and various dates.

When he originally accepted the role as the bachelor, Sean believed he would develop feelings for one woman at most. Nothing prepared him for the strong emotional attachment he feels toward all of his top three choices.

Although he feels he knows the final contestants inside and out, he is looking forward to next week’s fantasy suite dates to get much-needed alone time away from distractions and cameras. Will he go all the way with any of them? That information is “none of your business,” Sean concludes.

First, Sean addresses the most recent heartbreak, Desiree. During the hometown dates, her brother Nate had insulted his character. He wanted to hit him, but he maintained his composure to not cause a scene with her family. What the audience never saw was the original conversation he had with Nate went well, with Nate even admitting Sean embodied everything Desiree was looking for in a man.

However, in the next conversation that was shown on TV, Nate did a 180 and accused him of being a “playboy” who was taking advantage of the situation and didn’t reciprocate any romantic feelings for his sister. While he acknowledges her brother definitely influenced his decision to send her home, there were certain other parts of their relationship that were lacking as well. He didn’t want to hurt her, but in the end she was not best suited for him.

In terms of Sarah, her disability was never a factor, and he wanted to get to know her as a person. He admired that she wanted to challenge herself and be treated like the other girls, no desiring any special treatment. However, his last kiss with her had no passion behind it, and he felt like he was trying to force the chemistry that was not there.

He had undeniable chemistry with Selma from the get-go, and he was so shocked that she could not kiss him because she was so affectionate in other ways, resting her head on his chest for the entire plane ride. Despite their creative ways to circumvent her ‘no kissing’ rule including eskimo and eyelash kisses, by the time they shared their first actual kiss, Sean realized she wasn’t ‘the one.’

While Selma may not have kissed him enough, he joked that fan favorite Lesley M. kissed him too much, considering their first date was to break the record for longest on-screen kiss. However, she did not express her feelings of love for him on their final date, and he could tell she was holding back. At that late stage in the competition, he felt she should have been past the awkwardness. Had she had “I love you,” he admits it would have been a game changer, and she might still be around.

Concerning Tierra, he feels like he was completely duped. He believes she should have never come on the show because she can’t handle that type of competitive environment with her unstable emotions nor can she get along with peers. He assures the viewers at home she was not a plant, and he did not purposely keep her around for good television. He literally had no idea she was so manipulative, and in hindsight wishes he had kept Jackie on their two-on-one-date instead of Tierra.



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