'The Bachelor' Recap: Season 17, Episode 5

By Sarah McClanahan,

On this episode of The Bachelor, the girls venture to Montana and the dates consist of touring national parks, a wilderness relay race, and a horseback ride with a side of drama. Throughout the episode, Sean questions his relationship with Tierra due to comments from the other contestants.

Eleven girls remain.

Chris Harrison reveals that today is the start to their worldwide tour as they continue to search for love. The first location is Montana, which Sean chose because he loves roughing it and wants to see whether the women can retain a positive attitude while in the outdoors.

The first date card is for Lindsay, and reads: “Let love soar.”

The two take off in a helicopter toward Glacier National Park. They land on an Indian reservation, and immediately cannot keep their hands off each other.

During the night, Sean wants to forge a deeper connection with her. Lindsay admits she did not like being an army brat because her dad was never around throughout her adolescence. Sean realizes this is why she is seeking security by creating her own solid foundation with a family.

Sean is pleased that he and Lindsay share the same morals, and he thinks she would make a wonderful potential wife, so he offers her the rose.

The final surprise he has for her is a Sarah Darling concert in the middle of town square. The pair dance on a stage while the entire town looks on.

At the end of the date, one thing is for certain: Sean no longer views Lindsay as the crazy girl who arrived to the mansion in a wedding dress.

The second date card arrives for the group date, inviting Selma, AshLee, Desiree, Catherine, Sarah, Lesley, Robyn, and Daniella to a wilderness relay race.

The girls are split into two teams. The red team consists of Selma, Desiree, Sarah, and Robyn. The blue team is made up of AshLee, Lesley, Danielle, and Catherine.
The relay race begins with a canoe race, continues with moving hay and cutting through a log, and finishes with milking a goat and drinking an entire jar of its milk.

While the blue team has a giant lead after the first challenge, they quickly lose it because their bushels of hay fall apart.

In the end, Desiree helps the red team win as she quickly downs the goat’s milk, willing to do nearly anything to get more time with Sean.

The blue team is sent back to the hotel, but just before they head to bed, Chris Harrison brings a date card for them. Sean felt awful sending them home, so he wants to invite them back for the party.

When the red team learns that they didn’t gain anything from winning because the blue team is returning, they are livid.

While he understands the red team’s disappointment and anger, Sean sees it not as a competition, but as a chance to see who he connects with most.

Tierra crashes the party because she feels misled and wants to see where Sean’s head is at. He reassures her they will have fun tomorrow, and worries that she is not handling the format of the show well.

Daniella cries after seeing Catherine on Sean’s lap. She reveals to him on their one-on-one time that she gets upset seeing other girls connect with him. He feels that he has seen another side of Daniella, and gives her the rose.

The third date card arrives for Jackie and Tierra, reading: “Love is a wild ride.”

Tierra confidently states that Jackie is unaware she is the third wheel on a date with her and her husband.

On the two-on-one date, Sean wants something different from each girl. He wants to know that Jackie can also be his friend, and he wants to ask Tierra some probing questions to be sure she is genuine.

The trio goes horseback riding, with Jackie’s horse lagging behind as Tierra and Sean are alongside each other talking.

Jackie warns Sean about Tierra, claiming she flirted with a guy at the airport and acts completely different around the girls than when she is around him.

Tierra opens up to Sean, revealing she attaches herself so closely to men because the last guy she dated was her best friend of 13 years. They had been together for five years, and she stayed with him despite his stints in and out of rehab. She was heartbroken when he passed away in 2009, and has since been afraid of losing those close to her.

Sean sends Jackie home because although she is sweet, he has not developed strong romantic feelings for her.

Tierra and Sean snuggle up by a fire as they watch fireworks explode in the sky above them.

At the cocktail party, Desiree tells Sean she is confused about where she stands in comparison the other girls. Her ambiguous statements leave him doubting their relationship because she is not being completely honest with her concerns.
Desiree tells the other girls The Bachelor is a game for Tierra because she enjoys playing the victim.

Tierra wishes she was a fighter so she could hit many of the girls. She is tired of walking into a room to a horde of whispers and dirty looks.

The girls confront Tierra and are confused by her two-faced behavior.

Tierra states that she will not sit around and be threatened because at the end of the day, she does not care what they think. There are so many guys in the world, and it would be very easy for her to get engaged.

Sean is overwhelmed because on one hand, Tierra claims to be a nice girl that everyone attacks for no reason. On the other hand, Lesley is one of many who tells Sean that Tierra is not the girl he thinks she is. In fact, when Tierra is around the other girls, she is very cold and disengaged. In the end, he cannot decipher what is going on in the house at all times, so he must follow his heart.

Sean opens up to Chris Harrison, worried that after this week, he is unsure whether his future wife is in the next room. He feels the entire week went downhill after his date with Lindsay. The dynamic of the house is changing, and it leaves Sean frustrated.

In the rose ceremony, Sean gives roses to Selma, Catherine, Lesley, AshLee, Sarah, and Desiree. Robyn is sent home.

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