'The Bachelor' Recap: Season 17, Episode 6

By Sarah McClanahan,

In this episode of The Bachelor, one girl gets hypothermia after jumping into a frozen lake, and three more are sent home as Sean narrows down the competition in search of his future wife.

At the beginning, nine women remain who are still vying for Sean's heart. He has become emotionally invested in each of them.

The previous week in Montana left him disappointed with the not so subtle drama and tension building between the women in the house.

The group re-locates to the cold yet picturesque city of Alberta, Canada for this week's dates.

The first date card is for Catherine, and reads: "Let's find our fairy tale ending."

Sean whisks her away on a giant snowbus to play on a glacier, even offering her a onesie snowsuit to make sure she is comfortable and warm. The two frolic in the snow, their activities consisting of sledding, making snow angels, and doing somersaults.

A horse drawn carriage transports them to an ice castle built just for them.

Catherine reveals that she has learned to appreciate everyone and everything around her after a horrific accident she experienced as an adolescent showed how easily someone can be taken away. When she was only twelve years old, she was in the middle of a hike when a tree fell and killed the girl walking directly in front of her.

Sean feels that Catherine has melted his heart, so he offers her the rose in hopes the rest of the week will go just as smoothly.

The second date card is the group date, inviting Tierra, Sarah, Lindsay, Lesley, AshLee, Daniella, and Selma. It suggests, "Let's bare our souls."

The girls begin their date in canoes. Most of the canoes fit three girls, but Lesley immediately volunteers to ride with Sean. For the majority of the trip, she is turned around staring at him because he insists on doing the work.

Next, Sean suggests that the girls take part in the "Polar Bear Plunge," a tradition where people jump into the freezing Lake Louise and completely submerge themselves.

The ladies do not seem too keen on the idea, but everyone except Selma decides to try for Sean's sake.

Drama surrounds Tierra once more as she emerges from the lake unresponsive and shaking. Some speculate she has hypothermia, while others remark that she is the best at crying wolf to be the center of attention.

Much to the chagrin of the remaining women, Tierra makes a surprise appearance at the night's party although she was supposed to be in bed resting after the earlier trauma.

Ultimately, Sean gives the group date's rose to Lesley because he feels he has turned a corner in his relationship with her. She admitted that she is falling for him, and wants more than anything to be in love.

In a surprising twist, Sean sends Sarah home because he does not see a future with her and does not want to lead her or make her wait until the next rose ceremony. He may have been startled when Sarah showed him a picture of her family earlier in the episode, realizing that he was not ready to take that step with her. Sarah knew what he was going to say, but wanted an explanation. She is tired of guys not wanting her, yet stating she is an amazing girl that another man will be lucky to have. She wants the feelings she has for Sean to be reciprocated.

The third date card is addressed to Desiree, and says: "Don't be scared...to fall in love." Daniella is visibly upset because Des has already had a one-on-one while she has not had any alone time with Sean.

Sean reveals that he wants to solidify his relationship with Desiree after their rocky last week. He takes her to Banff National Park where they have to repel down a 400 foot mountain to reach their picnic on the ground.

The pair act extremely giddy around one another, climbing trees by day and cozying up by the fire in a teepee later at night.

Desiree opens up to Sean that money is not important to her because she grew up extremely poor, living in both tents and trailers. That is part of the reason how she was able to remain so humble.

Sean puts any doubts of hers to rest by offering her the rose.

At the cocktail party, Sean seeks to justify his reasoning for giving each woman a rose. He needs to confirm that he can see himself raising a family with each of the ladies.

AshLee urges Sean to blindfold her because she wants to let go of her inhibitions and allow him some of the control she never usually relinquishes.

Despite disrespecting both her parents and culture, Selma chooses to kiss Sean on national television for the first time.

At the rose ceremony, Catherine, Lesley, and Desiree have already secured roses from their dates.

Sean gives the other three roses to Lindsay, AshLee, and Tierra.

Selma and Daniella are sent home.



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