'The Bachelor' Recap: Season 17, Episode 7

By Sarah McClanahan,

On this episode of The Bachelor, Sean embarks on an island getaway with the women, and his sister visits to offer advice on how he should select hometown dates.

Sean breaks the rules of the dating show once more by flying with the six girls to St. Croix, part of the Virgin Islands.

There are no roses on the individual dates this week. Sean wants to spend as much time as possible with all of the girls so he can have enough information to make the decision on which four families he wants to meet.

Although they are ushered into a beautiful hotel, Tierra does not want to stay in rooms with any of the girls because she claims she cannot be friends with anyone who likes her boyfriend. She moves a rollaway cot into the hallway to sleep.

The first date card arrives for AshLee and reads, “Let’s get carried away.”

Tierra mumbles, “The cougar is back in town,” upset that she still has not had a solo date with Sean.

AshLee and Sean travel by boat to a private island where Sean inquires about Tierra’s behavior in the house. AshLee admits she continues to isolate herself, and is always pouty when everything doesn’t go exactly her way.

During their oceanside dinner, AshLee has one more secret that may be a deal-breaker. She got married at 17 to her high-school boyfriend because she could not standing living with her parents at the time. She hopes her past mistake does not interfere with her future with Sean. He tells her to never consider herself broken and that she is perfect just the way she is.

AshLee could not have been more pleased with his response. She screams to the sky, “I love St. Croix! I love Sean!”

The second date card is addressed to Tierra: “Let’s explore our love on the streets of St. Croix.”

Although Tierra has been begging for a one-on-one for weeks now, she complains about the setting of the date Sean chose for her. She would rather be boating in the water, and is worried that there will be bugs and that the sweltering heat will ruin her make-up. The girls are tired of her consistently negative attitude.

Tierra and Sean roam the streets soaking up the island culture. Sean purchases an eternity bracelet for her, which symbolizes eternal love. They frolic and join in dancing as a parade passes by.

Sean questions how Tierra is holding up in the house. She admits she would not have done anything differently if she could go back and start over, adding the other women will not be around much longer.

Tierra notices Sean is unusually distant and is upset that someone threw her under the bus. However, she has another trick up her sleeve. “I’m falling in love with you,” she whispers. The girls have crowned her “The Queen of Manipulation” after all.

Sean concludes that she is definitely not nice to the girls, but she is genuine with him. All in all, he still thinks of her as a sweet girl.

The third card arrives for Desiree, Catherine, and Lindsay. “Love is on the horizon.”
Sean surprises the women with a 4 A.M. wake-up call. Armed with a camera to capture them without make-up, he notes they have five minutes to get ready for the date.

Since they are the farthest East on the edge of the island, they are the first four in the entire United States to see the sunrise.

The rest of the date is a road trip, ultimately leading them to the sunset on the opposite side of the island. Along the way, they stop at a sugar mill, café, and treehouse before reaching Sandy Point.

On the beach, all of the girls spend some quality time alone with Sean.

He enjoys that his relationship with Catherine is so multi-faceted. He can be goofy with her one moment, and serious in the next. He can tell she has something serious on her mind, and she reveals that she no longer lives with her dad. He was abused by three family members as a child, and attempted suicide in front of her and her sister. Although she remains in touch with him, their relationship has been strained. Sean admires her strength, and is there to comfort her.

He gives the rose to Lindsay because their relationship has not wavered since the beginning of the competition.

Although the sky was too clouded over to see the sunset, he concludes the date was a success.

The final date card for Lesley read, “I hope our love stands the test of time.”

Sean believes glamorous dates sometimes get in the way of truly getting to know a person, so he opts for a simpler day of fruit picking with Lesley. He worries his relationship is not progressing as quickly as his with the other women, and wants to see if this date can catch them up.

Lesley wants to tell Sean that she is falling in love with him, but it is hard for let to her guard down and wants to wait for the moment when it most naturally flows into the conversation.

Sean’s older, married sister visits him to provide clarity and help him with the difficult decision of narrowing down the women for the hometown dates. She does not want to see him get hurt by choosing someone who is not there with the right intentions. Her biggest piece of advice is, “Do not end up with the girl no one likes.”

Since Sean believes this sentiment describes Tierra, he wants to bring her out to see how she gets along with his sister.

Meanwhile in the house, Tierra explodes at AshLee for sabotaging her relationship with Sean. AshLee notes that she did not bring up Tierra’s name until Sean specifically asked about her.

Sean enters the house to find Tierra crying on her bed. She reiterates that she is sensitive and that living with the other girls is “so hard” because she has such a “big heart.” He feels like he is living in a nightmare because while he cares about Tierra, his sister’s advice is weighing heavily on his heart. In the end, he decides to send her home rather than string her along. He does not want to cause her any more pain, and can tell she is already an emotional wreck.

The girls are relieved when Sean returns solo, but he is somber, stating he is not looking for a source of drama in his future wife.

He forfeits the cocktail party because he already has his mind made up, leaving AshLee worried she may be next to go because she was involved in the argument earlier with Tierra.

Lindsay is already safe with the rose from the group date. Sean gives the remaining three roses to Desiree, Catherine, and AshLee. Lesley is sent home.

Catherine is stunned at Lesley’s departure, admitting that Lesley had more in common with Sean than any other girl in the house. She breaks down, no longer knowing what he is looking for in a woman.



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