'The Bachelor’s' AshLee Frazier still doesn’t trust Tierra LiCausi

By Sarah McClanahan,

Ashlee Frazier is unsure whether there is any truth to Tierra LiCausi’s alleged engagement.

Earlier today, we reported that Tierra LiCausi ‘s older brother Tyler revealed her engagement to Us Weekly. Although the pair has only been engaged since January, they had been dating on and off for three years. Further, his identity will be known if Tierra decides to join the Women Tell All special edition of The Bachelor.

Given her “Tierrable” antics on the show, it is no wonder that Frazier, one of the final four Bachelor contestants still vying for Sean Lowe’s heart, is skeptical of the news.

"If she is [engaged], I wish her all the best but it may just be a hoax. Who knows? You know how rumors are," she says. "With Tierra, we can't really put too much past her. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if that was the case,” Frazier told People Magazine.

From the time AshLee spent on The Bachelor, she recognized Tierra’s constant need to be the center of attention, and believes this may be a post-show extension of that desire.

"It's like, let's keep it going, right? She's very dramatic," AshLee noted.

Although in the beginning AshLee never had any issue with her, Tierra never made an effort to get along with any of the other girls, and instead chose to isolate herself. Thus, AshLee has no idea who this mysterious rekindled love may be.

AshLee mentioned, "I don't really know any details and I don't really know who it is [she's engaged to], so I don't if it is someone she talked to me about or not.”

AshLee has not yet been able to have closure with her frenemy Tierra because the cast is not allowed to talk with one another.



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