The Backstreet Boys set to release a documentary

By Stephanie Kaplan,
According to reports, a documentary is in the works for the resurgent boy-band

The popular boy-band, who have been singing on-and-off since the '90s, are rumored to be making a documentary, letting fans into their lives from their first days, till recent times.

Perez Hilton reports that Pulse Films, and Stephen Kijak, who produced Katy Perry's Part of Me 3D, are working on a documentary for the '90s band.

Kijak shared, “What drew me to this project is their openness and willingness to push themselves into uncomfortable places, to be vulnerable and honest.”

According to USA Today, the band is approaching their 20th anniversary and thought a tell all documentary would be a great way to kick off the celebration with their fans.

In a statement the group said, “We always wanted to make a film and now is the ideal time. With Kevin back, the fact that we are masters of our own destiny, a new album in the works and our 20th anniversary — it all adds up to being the right time to share our story.”

The film is said to document the beginning of the boys' career, through their breakup and reunion, to their preparation for a new album.

Back in December the group told Rolling Stone that their new album “is about 75% through” and should be released sometime this summer.

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