The 'Beautiful' 'Fighter': Christina Aguilera’s 10 Best Songs

By Christopher Rosa,

When Christina Aguilera burst onto the music scene in 1999 with her tantalizing hit “Genie in a Bottle,” the world was stunned with the 18-year-old’s booming voice. Fourteen years later, Miss Aguilera is still at it and stronger than ever. With five brilliant albums under her belt, praise for her judging stint on The Voice , and an adorable baby boy, Aguilera has come full circle. From 90s pop tart to dirty diva to bluesy goddess and now a dancing queen, Aguilera never fails to keep us moving and guessing. Here are TheCelebrityCafe.com’s picks for Christina Aguilera’a 10 best songs.

10. “Come On Over (All I Want is You)” from Christina Aguilera
This song is bubblegum paradise. Released as a single from Aguilera’s debut album, “Come On Over” is a fast-paced teenage dream. As Aguilera teases with “We can do exactly what you like,” she embodies the look-but-don’t-touch Lolita image of the 90s teenage pop star.

9. “Not Myself Tonight” from Bionic
This song spearheaded Aguilera’s foray into electronic dance music in 2010. Although Bionic did not perform as well as Aguilera hoped for, the album’s lead single is a thumping, glittery synth sashay. The track buries Aguilera’s signature high notes in a barrage of special effects, making her sound like a wispy, sexy blowup doll.

8. “’Aint No Other Man” from Back to Basics
The lead song from what many consider Aguilera’s best album to date, “’Aint No Other Man” took listeners back in time to the golden age of jazz and swing. This 2006 track blended the soulfulness of blues music with the delectability of pop candy. The result was a groundbreaking song and album that added more Grammys to Aguilera’s awards shelf.

7. “Your Body” from Lotus
“All I want to do is love your body,” a 30+ Christina crooned when she released this song in late 2012. And we could not get enough. Fresh off an image rebirth from her judging gig on The Voice, Aguilera decided to release her first new music in two years. “Your Body” is a delicious blend of the deep electronic sounds from Bionic and the up-tempo vibe of classic Top 40. The synthy enhancements in this track make Aguilera sound like a temptress while still staying true to her multiple-octave range

6. “Fighter” from Stripped
One of Christina’s many self-empowerment songs from her second album, “Fighter” is an angry, pounding pop punch that firmly establishes Christina’s musical independence.

5. “Let There Be Love” from Lotus
This track is perhaps the strongest on Aguilera’s latest album. Finally collaborating with pop hit-maker Max Martin, responsible for Britney Spears, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha, this disco debauchery is pure pop genius. The chorus is electrifying, the bridge building, and the lasting result euphoric.

4. “Genie in a Bottle” from Christina Aguilera
Aguilera’s classic hit. No words necessary, just listen.

3. “Candyman” from Back to Basics
In this track, Aguilera makes listeners feel like they are on a 40s naval ship. After the song introduces a roll call, Aguilera then bellows into the song about a man who has “lips like sugarcane.” The song is 50% flirty, 50% dirty, and 100% fabulous.

2. “Dirrty” from Stripped
Speaking of dirty, how can we forget the song that gave Aguilera her nickname in the first place? Aguilera was so fed up with being manufactured as a “pop star,” she decided to go in an entirely different direction with her second album-- a dirty direction. “Dirrty” is a nasty, grimy, hip-hop/dance rave that will have you sweating, panting, and hung-over by the track’s end.

1.“Beautiful” from Stripped
Without a doubt, “Beautiful” is Aguilera’s best and most influential song to date. It won Aguilera a Grammy award for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and nominated for Song of the Year. The song is not only a beautiful and heartfelt ballad but its cultural impact is significant. Known for being one of the first songs to positively portray gay and transgendered people, the song is a worldwide LGBT anthem. It stands alone as one of the most influential songs ever recorded.



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