Best Picture nominees set record, grossing over $300 million after being nominated

By Steven Mitchell,

The nine films competing for Best Picture at this year’s Oscars have brought in the most money ever in the period between the nomination reveal and the Thursday before the Academy Awards.

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It has been six weeks since the nine films received their nominations on January 10, and since then they have collected the strongest box office numbers in history, reports Box Office Mojo. Collectively, they have grossed over $305 million domestically.

The previous record was set in 1997 when the Best Picture nominees grossed $260.9 million during the nomination period. That was the year Titanic was nominated, bringing in over half of the money grossed.

There are a few things that helped make 2012 the new record holder. First, the nominations came out twelve days earlier, which allowed people more time to go out and see the films. Second, the majority of the films opened in November and December. This means that the films were more relevant and fresh on people's minds. Lastly, there are nine films nominated instead of the traditional five; it is the fourth year in Oscar history with additional Best Picture nominees.

2012 is also one of the richest groups of nominees in Oscar history. Six of the nine Best Picture contenders have grossed over $100 million since their openings, reports The Wrap.

The six are Lincoln ($177 million), Django Unchained ($158 million), Les Miserables ($146 million), Argo ($127 million), Silver Linings Playbook, and Life of Pi ($112 million).

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