Beyoncé and Destiny's Child see huge surges in music sales post Super Bowl

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,

Following their Super Bowl performances Sunday night, both Beyoncé and Destiny’s Child saw a significant bump in music sales.

Beyoncé saw a jump in sales of 16 singles, causing them to chart on iTunes. These songs include hits like "Halo" at #17, "Crazy in Love" at #37, and "Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)" at #39. Some of the downloaded songs weren’t even performed during the halftime show, according to MTV.

Aside from individual songs, the biggest increase was seen in Beyoncé’s most recent album, 4, which leapt up to #12 on the iTunes album chart. Behind that was the Destiny’s Child hits album, #1’s, coming in at #42. Albums that also charted were Beyoncé’s solo album I Am Sasha Fierce, and the legendary trio’s The Writings On The Wall and Love Songs, among others from both musical acts.

Billboard reports these statistics total a 230% digital album sales increase for Beyoncé, and a 600% surge for Destiny’s Child albums.

In terms of digital singles, Beyoncé saw an estimated 85% jump, and over 300% for Destiny’s Child.



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