‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Kaley Cuoco endorses Dish during CBS lawsuit, deletes tweet

By Daniel S Levine,
Cuoco finds herself in the middle of Dish and CBS' battle

The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco has managed to get involved in the ongoing spat between Dish Network and CBS over Dish’s Auto Hop feature for subscribers. Cuoco had tweeted an ad for Dish, which was then deleted. That resulted in Dish and CBS exchanging statements about it.

The Wrap first reported on the tweet, which read, “Amazing! Watching live TV anywhere on the #Hopper looks pretty awesome! Now where can I find a tiny beer? #ad.” The tweet didn’t actually mention the Auto Hop, which allows subscribers to skip commercials, but when the site asked about the tweet, it disappeared.

Later, The Wrap reported that Dish CEO Joe Clayton sent a statement accusing CBS of ordering Cuoco to delete the tweet. “It’s disappointing that CBS – once the exemplar of editorial independence and innovation – continues to use its heavy hand to hold back progress from consumers.”

CBS replied, “Once again, Joe Clayton demonstrates his dubious gift for hyperbole and hucksterism...No demands were made, but it’s clear that Dish’s culture of fabrication is alive and well.”

As TV Guide notes, Cuoco has sponsored other products in the past, appearing in ads for Toyota and Priceline, but CBS CEO Les Moonves and other networks’ executives have been against Dish’s new feature.

Cuoco’s rep haven’t said anything and she hasn’t mentioned it to her 1.2 million followers. But if Dish had actually asked her to send out the tweet, it would be an interesting tactic to show that stars on the network even like Dish’s products.

image: CBS



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