'Biggest Loser' Recap: 'Be Yourself'

By Drew Barile,

On last night's episode of The Biggest Loser the contestants had a chance to all be immune from elimination had they all contributed to a total weight loss of seventy pounds. In addition, Jillian became frustrated with a particular contestant. Also Jillian confronted Bob and Dolvett for their lack of support on her position, and that they are too soft with contestants. The children contestants signed a Seventeen Body Peace Treaty with Jillian. The "contract" is a device to encourage self-esteem building. Jared from Subway made a visit to the ranch and spoke with contestants over lunch.

The episode began with the contestants meeting Alison in the gym. She explained that they could all be immune for elimination if they, as a group, made a total weight loss of seventy pounds for the week. In addition, if they did not, the person under the red line would be eliminated. But the contestants were not alone, the children participated in a challenge that contributed to a buffer number. The children participants were able to succeed in their challenge and amass a total of nine pounds. They by their success gave the adult contestants a 9 pound buffer. So the adults only had to reach a total weight loss of sixty-one pounds as a group as opposed to the original seventy pounds.

In the gym, Gina threw a fit and drudged off out of the gym. She felt that Joe insulted her and she no longer wanted to worked out, especially next to him. Dolvett went after her and confronted her. He felt she was using Joe as an excuse, and also she is stronger then she allows herself to be.

That was not the only incident that occurred in the gym. Jillian and Alex had a tiff. Alex refused to run five minutes on the treadmill, she felt she could not do it. Jillian then lowered it to a minute, and she still refused. Jillian began expressing Alex does not work hard enough. Then the other trainer became involved.

Jillian told Bob and Dolvett, that are too nice and soft with the contestants. And that they undermined her when they don't support her positions. Moreover, that at this point in the process it is unacceptable that the contestants are not working hard and meeting her "half-way." She was so mad, that she left the gym to compose herself.

The challenge for the week was unique and tough. They had thirty minutes to find several green arrows and bring them to the finish line raising a flag. The green arrows however were buried under sand dunes. During the challenge Gina went down, and Joe picked her up and rallied her to continue onward.They contestants completed the challenge and were afforded a ten pound reduction. Their total wight loss number was fifty-one pounds.

Jared from Subway made an appearance on the ranch, and he brought sandwiches! It was Jared's 15th year anniversary of weight loss. He explained how Subway was a huge factor in his weight loss and helped him able to achieve his goals.

Given all the turmoil and dissension the last chance work out was specially crafted to alleviate the tension. The contestant had to climb these large wood poles and in pairs traverse two parallel tightropes that incrementally spread apart. Making a "V" shape. The contestants had to lean and push on each other to reach further down the ropes. The exercise was designed to build trust and team work.

At weight-ins no one had a big weight loss. Danni lost seven pounds and Joe lost six pounds. Jackson lost five pounds, but his disposition and work ethic was praised by the coaches. 
Alex lost three pounds and Jeff had lost four pounds. Gina lost only four pounds, but the coaches commented that she has had a good track record of success. But this week her negativity held her bad form success. Francelina lost two pounds the least, putting her below the red line.

Francelina was eliminated, and the end of the episode shows Francelina's success losing weight and becoming a doctor. Also was revealed by her that her and Jeff are dating.



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