'Biggest Loser' Recap: 'Face Your Fears'

By Drew Barile,

The episode began addressing the focus of the week. The focus was facing fears. The trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett subject the contestants to face their fear. The children participants also face their fears like their adult counter parts. The challenge for immunity was on top of a very tall building. Jackson and Jeff go off the ranch as part of a test-challenge.

Allison explains that there were pictures of the contestants on blocks. In order to save another contestant you must use the blocks. The person who had stacked the most blocks would get a one pound advantage this week. Jackson knew the team wanted Gina to go home.  Jackson told the team to send him off the ranch for the week (which is the penalty of losing the block event).  Joe lifted twenty blocks, which was the most. Joe won the one pound advantage. 

Jackson reassured Alison and the group tha he would be fine off the ranch. Alison then revealed to Jackson he had to choose a contestant with him. Jackson could not decide. Jeff therefore volunteered to go off the ranch with Jackson. 

All the kids also participated in face your fears week. Since Lindsey is pre-diabetic, she is afraid of getting diabetes. At school, she visited with her guidance counselor who does have diabetes. She assured Linsey that she is on the right path to changing her life and also showed her about insulin shots. Sunny sat down with her mom and told her about her greatest fear, her mother dying. Her mother was very upset that Sunny was scared about this, but feels that Sunny trying to better herself with help her also better herself. Bingo confessed to Bob that his fear is eating vegetables.

Gina's fear was that she will be alone, Joe's was sharks, and Danni's was public singing. Gina also told Jillian she was a claustrophobic.  Jillian therefore put Gina in a coffin. Jillian told Gina she was in a coffin because it represents how she is killing herself.

Bob took Joe to a dock where a boot was waiting. Bob drove Joe out deeper into the water and made him jump out and swim 500 yards. His aim was for Joe to leave a comfort zone and jump eagerly into his new life. Jillian also took Danni to a lounge so she could over come her fear of singing in front of people. All the contestants successfully over came the fear, and had a new perspective on themselves and the future.

For the challenge the contestants were suspended from the top of a building on a plank. The plank was set to release if the contestants released their bar, which was connected to a weight that was 40% of their weight. When they let go of the bar the plank folded down and they fell downward to the ground (they had safety harnesses and ropes). Gina won the challenge and received immunity.

At weigh-ins, Gina lost seven pounds, Jackson lost eleven pounds, Jeff lost thirteen pounds
, Joe lost twelve pounds, Alex lost eight pounds
, and Danni lost ten pounds.

Alex and Jackson were below the yellow line. Joe and Danni voted for Alex. Alison told the contestants they made it to Makeover Week. In addition, they are afforded the ability to go home and show their make over to their families.



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