'The Biggest Loser' recap: 'Lead By Example'

By Drew Barile,

This week's The Biggest Loser was titled “Lead By Example." On the show Australian singer Cody Simpson and World Champion Fighter Laila Ali guest star.

The episode was the halfway point in the season. The contestants found out from Allison that the weight of only one team member on each team will count. To add another twist, the coaches will roll a dice at the weigh in to determine whose weight will count. The contestants also competed in an almost American Gladiator Obstacle course. The challenge required them to avoid swinging padded log-pendulums on a balance bar. While walking on a balance bar the contestants had to retrieve calorie-coded plates matching said dishes to five specific dishes opposite.

Dolvett tells his team this week is about hard work. Also as always poor Jackson is throwing up a lot. Bob does not want his team to shy away from pressure.  Jillian continues to support Danni, motivating her to be focused. Jillian continued to support Danni with the new style of emotional conversations and calmness, and treated her to Subway, showing her some healthy, easily accessible alternatives once she returns home.

The trainers contact their kids that they are mentoring.  They tells the kids that the theme this week is “Lead by Example.”  They want the kids to go and motivate people. With this week’s theme in mind the trainers Bob, Jillian and Dolvett Skyped with the children Bingo, Sunny and Lindsay.

Sunny made a circuit training course. Bingo tried to recruit more folks to his after-school sports club. Lindsay gave an anti-bullying speech in her school gym and was joined by a very special guest Cody Simpson! He also addressed his experiences of being teased. He then performed for the kids in the audience.

Dolvett took the blue team to a boxing gym, where they had a special visit from five-time undefeated world champion fighter Laila Ali. She put them through boxing workout. Dolvett was happy to see the team working hard at the last chance workout of boxing. 

At the weigh-in the coaches each took their turns to roll the dice. Dolvett, rolling for the red team, chose Joe. Bob, rolling for the blue team, chose Jeff. Danni, representing the white team.

For the Red Team, Joe lost 8 lbs. or 2.68 percent. Jackson only lost 1 lb, which was very emotional for the team. The white team, Danni, lost a total of 6 lbs., just the amount she needed to loose to stay safe, loosing 2.82 percent. For the Blue Team Jeff lost 6 lbs. or 1.82 percent, losing the least amount for the week. Fracelina was the Biggest Loser in the house for week six.

The Blue team had to go to the elimination room. Michael was safe, being the Biggest Loser on the team. Jeff voted for David, saying that he is most likely to succeed when he goes back home. David went for the tactic of voting for his biggest competitor, Jeff. Gina and Michael both chose David to go home. David said he was excited to go home and start working hard at loosing his weight.



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