'Biggest Loser' Recap: 'Tough Love'

By Drew Barile,

On The Biggest Loser episode "Tough Love," the eight remaining contestants had to face a Valentine's Day Temptation and teams had been disbanded. In addition, the trainers reached out to their kid contestants. Dolvett encourages Lindsay to attend a cheerleading practice. Jillian scheduled a special Bollywood dance class for Sunny. Bob set up Bingo for a baseball try-out.

The show started with Alison, who told the contestants that there were no longer any teams and they would now weigh in as individuals. Moreover, the two people who fall below the "yellow line" each week will have to be subject to remaining contestants votes.

Then, all the contestants came into a room.  The room was full of chocolate cake, cupcakes, and other Valentine's Day treats. But importantly, there was also water. And the lights went out. Most of the contestants did not succumb to temptations, some worked out and others drank the water. However, Jeff, Francelina, and Alex ate the food.

After the temptation challenge, the contestants broke up into groups for each trainer. Francelina, Alex and Jeff were with Jillian. The rest were divided between Bon and Dolvett. Jillian and Jeff had some issues during the workout, and Jillian afterward decided to sit down with Jeff. Jeff expressed that he perhaps was bottling up emotions inside about his father's death and hiding emotions from his family.

The contestants headed to an arena for the challenge. The contestants were given special track suits with neon strips on the sides.  The contestants had to sprint toward a light on the ground in different areas in the arena.  Gina was the first eliminated. Jackson was the second eliminated, and Michael was eliminated after. Finally Alex was eliminated. 

Danni, Francelina and Joe were the only participants left. Danni won and as the winner of the challenge was rewarded with the ability to bring a family member to the ranch for Valentine's Day. Also, as the winner of the challenge, she was able to give her prizes to another contestant.  Danni decided to give the extra visit to Gina. Danni also gave her other visit away to Mike so he could see his wife and child.

At the last chance workout, some issues arose. Bob sent Alex up a hill and wanted her to jump rope at the top. But when Alex was at the top of the hill she didn't have the jump rope. She subsequently came down from the hill with a lot of attitude and was snippy with Bob. Gina realizes she is the oldest woman in the house and, as the smallest woman in the house, she has to work harder. Gina, as usual, was extremely anxious about weigh ins. Dolvett became frustrated with Gina and they talked through her nervousness.

At weigh ins:

Francelina's weight was 217, a loss of 4 pounds (2.76%). She was below the yellow line. Alex's weight was 204, a loss of 6 pounds (3.92%) Danni's weight was 207, a loss of 6 pounds (2.9%). She was safe. Joe's weight loss was 291, he lost 12 pounds (4.1%). Jeff weighed in at 323, a loss of 11 pounds (3.41%). Gina's weight was 193, a loss of 9 lbs. (4.66%). Jackson's weight was 279, a loss of 13 pounds (4.66%). Michael's current weight was 363, a loss of 10 pounds (2.75%). He was below the yellow line.

Danni voted for Michael. Alex voted for Francelina. Gina voted for Michael. Jeff voted for Michael. Michael was so shocked and disappointed that Jeff's word meant nothing.  Jeff had promised he would not vote for Michael and vice versa. Michael was voted off. 



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