Bin Laden shooter: Metallica asked military to stop using music for interrogations

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
Metallica tracks were used to "soften up" detainees in Iraq before interrogation.

When members of Metallica found out that their music was being used to “soften up” enemy detainees in Iraq, the band made an appeal to the U.S. military. This is according to the unnamed Navy SEAL who claims he shot Osama Bin Laden twice in the head.

Esquire conducted the interview titled “The Man Who Killed Bin Laden...Is Screwed” that is now making headlines worldwide. In it, the ex-SEAL identified as “the Shooter” gives an interesting anecdote on how during his time in Iraq, they would prepare enemy detainees for interrogation by blaring various Metallica songs.

But he said the band “got wind” of their practice and asked that they stop, which they did. After that, according to the Shooter, he and others adopted the music from Christian band, Demon Hunter, who had reached out to offer support.

The biggest issue of controversy in the piece, however, was not Metallica or interrogations, but rather pensions he says he is being denied by the military.

In response to Monday’s article, nine members of Congress reportedly had a private meeting with the Shooter to discuss military pensions, according to a congressional source.



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