Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney mocks Justin Bieber on Twitter, enrages Bieber fans

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney continued his mini-feud with Justin Bieber by poking fun at the young pop star on Twitter.

The “Lonely Boy” took to Twitter where he changed his name from “Patrick Carney” to “Justin Bieber Carney,” which has since been deleted, N.Y. Daily News reported.

Carney’s Twitter page now reads, “Official twitter for the actual verified Patrick Carney (formerly Justin Bieber). Drummer in the Black Keys.” The Grammy award-winning artist changed the profile back to his semi-original page after a series of outraged messages from Bieber’s fans flooded his Twitter page.

"Do you even know how stupid and immature u look doing this. Aren't u like fifty?" wrote one user. Carney was not offended by the angry Belibers. Instead he would respond to nearly half of the tweets sarcastically, which he would retweet. He responded to the previous comment stating, “You look great #jealous.”

The feud started after Carney remarked to TMZ that Beiber didn’t need to be nominated for a Grammy saying, “He’s rich, right? Grammys are for like music, not for money ... and he's making a lot of money. He should be happy.”

Bieber replied on Twitter saying that Carney should be “slapped around.”

Carney has since taken on his original identity writing, “Justin is gone now. DNA recombo unsuccessful. I will try again soon though!”



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