Blogger Perez Hilton now a dad

By Shay Trotter,

Celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton has announced he has entered the world of fatherhood.

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Hilton, whose real name is actually Mario Lavandeira Jr., posted the news on his blog with a post titled “A Very Important Message from Perez,” according to the LA Times.

"I am ready to announce that earlier this month I was blessed with the birth of my first child, a beautiful and healthy baby boy — with lots of hair on his tiny head. My family is overjoyed at this newest and most cherished addition," he wrote.

The blogger added, "I am so humbled to welcome this little man into my life. And I am honored and ready for the challenge of guiding him through his."

Hilton did not give any background information regarding his son and failed to mention the baby’s name or method of conception, according to TV Guide,

However, Hilton did say in a 2009 interview with The LA Times that he hoped to become a dad by the age of 35 and was considering looking into surrogacy.

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