Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival brings bacon enthusiasts to Iowa

By Vanessa Frith,

Bacon flavored cupcakes, bacon eating contests, and bacon lectures lead nearly 8,000 people to converge on Des Moines, Iowa Saturday for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival.

After tickets for the event sold out in under four minutes, bacon enthusiasts turned out in the thousands to celebrate their favorite food, according to the Des Moines Register.

Held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, bacon lovers came dressed as pigs, as bacon, and a Vikings, according to the Associated Press. Although the last costume may seem a bit non sequitur, the Viking costumes celebrated visitors from Iceland who represented the Iceland Beikon Board and host a festival in Reykjavík.

Festival co-founder Brooks Reynolds called the event a “bacon fellowship,” according to the AP. “They can just bond with their fellow man and just celebrate the meat that everybody enjoys," he said.

With 10,000 pounds of bacon for consumption, the festival, put together by the Iowa Bacon board, didn’t to forget to celebrate the providers of their favorite meat dish. Earlier in the week Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad had official pardoned a pig in honor of the festivities, according to the AP.



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