Bobbi Kristina slams grandmother's memoir 'Remembering Whitney'

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Bobbi Kristina Brown is slamming her grandmother, Cissy Houston, for publishing a book which lets loose all the deep kept secrets of her late mother Whitney Houston.

Zap2It reports that Cissy’s memoir Remembering Whitney describes the tainted relationship between Bobbi Kristina and father Bobby Brown, an alleged lesbian affair, as well as her relationship with Nick Gordon, whom Bobbi Kristina became engaged to on their Lifetime reality series.

The young daughter of the iconic singer, who tragically died Feb. 2012, took to Twitter to slam her grandmother's choice to publish such secrets. She writes, “Anything concerning my grandmother's book, I and Nick Gordon of course personally have nothing to do with. I ask you please respect that. Haven't read and won't."

Continuing she adds, "I find it to be disrespect to my mother and me, being her daughter, won't tolerate it. I know the truth. Her ... oblivious and out of line wrong. But it's all good and nothing but love, my mother taught me better than that."

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