Bolshoi Ballet director Sergei Filin heads to Germany for treatment, says he knows attacker

By Daniel S Levine,

Bolshoi Ballet artistic director Sergei Filin is being moved to Germany for further treatment after being attacked with acid last month in Moscow. Over the weekend, Filin gave interviews with the press, claiming that he knows the attacker.

Filin last spoke with the Russian press two weeks ago. He said that he had received threats in the weeks leading up to the attack on Jan. 17. Investigators had also said that they think he was attacked because of his job with the prestigious ballet troupe.

On Sunday, Filin spoke with The BBC. Filin, who will have to have surgery on his eyes to regain any vision, reiterated that he had been threatened in the past.

He added, “Yes, I not only have a suspicion about who did this, but I'm absolutely certain I know who did this. But I will only speak about this when investigators are ready to announce this.”

He also spoke with The New York Times, telling the paper that he has been under pressure since he took over at the Bolshoi in 2011. After erotic photographs of a man who looked like the Bolshoi’s Gennady Yanin surfaced, Filin had a feeling that he would be the next target of a scandal.

“I felt that I became a continuer, the next participant in this story. As one might say, ‘You’ll be next,’” Filin said. “I am practically sure it is exactly the same story, and I think it is not one person – but I don’t want to, and cannot, talk about this now because there is a serious investigation...I think it is a group of people who have their own views and ideas regarding the Bolshoi Theater.”

Meanwhile, the Bolshoi has postponed plans for a production of The Rite of Spring, reports The Los Angeles Times, while Filin recovers.

According to the NY Times, a police spokesman told the Interfax news agency that no names of suspects will be released until one is arrested.



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