Boston Celtics win four straight without Rajon Rondo

By Jassum Gloster,

The Boston Celtics have won four straight games without Rajon Rondo. This team was not far from splitting up the players and opting to trade for more fitting pieces. After winning four in a row, the Celtics owner might be wise to stick with his current team.

Just yesterday, the Celtics beat the Los Angeles Clippers (who were not 100 percent, having an injured team with notable players like Chris Paul and Chauncey Billups out of the lineup), 104-106.

Paul Pierce, the captain of the Celtics, has been stepping up the most. The team has been sharing the ball a lot and its paying off. When the clock was ticking down, Pierce hit a three point shot to help seal their victory.

The Associated Press reports that Celtics’ Jason Terry said in reference to Pierce, "Any time the game's on the line, whether he missed 15 in a row, we know the last one's good.”

Celtics’ head coach Doc Rivers is doing the best he can with his lineup. He really doesn’t have it too bad with Rondo out, because he has guards like Terry and Courtney Lee to pick it up in his absence. Of course their dynamic and the way they move the ball will change, but they still have to push through that if they expect to continue this streak.

The Boston Herald reports that Rivers said following the game, “We were pressuring, we were getting up the floor, we were playing in space, our offense was early clock — and we get into the middle of the third quarter and all of a sudden they’re scoring in five seconds, and we’re walking the ball off the floor. And I’m trying to tell them, ‘That’s not who we are. We can’t be that anymore. We just can’t. We can’t play that way.’ And I thought we did that, and that’s back-to-back games. So we won the game, we beat a heck of a team, and I’m very happy with that. But in my mind we can be better, much better, than we were today.”



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