Boy raises over $30,00 for his sick friend

By Alexi Knock,

A six-year-old boy has raised over $30,000 for his friend who was diagnosed with glycogen storage disorder type 1B, a rare, incurable liver disorder.

When Dylan Siegal found out his best friend Jonah Pournazarian was sick, his parents suggested he run a lemonade stand. Siegal had bigger plans.

According to ABC News, Siegal wrote and illustrated a book entitled Chocolate Bar to raise money for his friend.

Pournazarian’s parents have a fund set up for their child that has already raised $400,000. Dylan has a goal of raising $1 million. Barnes and Noble held a book signing for the young boy.

Pournzarian’s condition allows for good days and bad days. Most of the time, the boy’s mother must feed him through a tube.

Siegal’s father David is proud of his son for the book and told ABC News, “We never dreamed that this was going to happen. It’s just struck a nerve and now we don’t want to stop until we’ve hit our mission.”

The Facebook page for the book has over 4,000 ‘likes.’


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