Britney Spears' new flame revealed

By Gavriella Tjandra,

The identity of the man whom Britney Spears is currently going out with has finally been revealed.

Few days ago, we could only refer to him as the 27-year-old David from Atlanta who is dating Britney Spears, but now, everything is much clearer.

Some people who know David inform TMZ that the man's full name is David Lucado, and he is originally from Appomattox, Virginia, but moved to Atlanta after high school.

He recently moved to L.A. for a girl, but the relationship ended a few months ago, and he is single now.

Those people said the same thing about him, he was a loving, fun, well-liked person, and it is totally unexpected that he dates Britney Spears.

They suggested the reason why the "Sometimes" singer would date him. David is the total opposite of a Hollywood guy, he is meek, humble, and totally down-to-earth.

Even though they insist David is just a friend of the pop star, more likely he will go beyond that.

E! News reported that the couple went for a date on Valentine's Day.

Britney and David went for a dinner in a Calabasas, CA sushi joint.



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