California Supreme court considering cracking down on state marijuana laws

By Alexi Knock,

On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court justices discussed how intensely cities should enforce the state’s marijuana laws.

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The medical marijuana industry is growing in California, the first state to legalize the substance. Tuesday’s case includes the city of Riverdale against Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center, a medical marijuana dispensary.

According to Reuters, city officials and residents feel that the dispensary makes the city look bad.

California has banned over 180 dispensaries like Inland Empire since it legalized medicinal pot in 1996.

The justices agreed that state officials have not been consistent in laws regarding medical marijuana in the past 17 years.

Los Angeles attorney T. Peter Pierce told the Los Angeles Daily News, “The Supreme Court is going to bring clarity and uniformity to the law because we now have some courts of appeal that have ruled in favor of cities in these issues and some that have ruled in favor of medical marijuana dispensaries.”

However, those in favor of the marijuana dispensaries fear that entire areas of the state will be banned from cannabis. Still, the state may be cracking down.

Orange County lawyer Jeffrey Dunn told NBC Bay Area, "These places are popping up everywhere, and the typical city that had one or two, two became four and four became 16 or 20.”

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