Carrie Fisher suffers bipolar episode during cruise ship performance (Video)

By Sarah Burbank-Douglas,

Star Wars actress Carrie Fisher suffered a bipolar episode while on a cruise ship in the Caribbean, causing audience members to speculate if the actress was drunk due to her off-the-wall antics.

According to Toronto Sun, Fisher took the stage as a surprise celebrity guest aboard the Holland America Eurodam when she began to slur her words, ramble and refused to stop despite being urged off the stage.

TMZ notes that Fisher’s dog was also on stage with her and began to poop and pee on the stage in front of all to see.

A rep for the actress released a statement following the incident saying, “There was a medical incident related to Carrie Fisher’s bipolar disorder. She went to the hospital briefly to adjust her medication and is feeling much better now."

The incident was caught on tape, which you can watch below:

Currently, Fisher has expressed her desire to reprise her role as Princess Leia, when Disney launches the seventh installment in the Star Wars series.



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