Carrie Underwood denies feud with Taylor Swift

By Allison Cordaro,

In an interview with Gayle King on CBS’s This Morning, Carrie Underwood denied rumors of tension between her and her fellow country rival, Taylor Swift.

Before Sunday night’s premiere of the Grammys, there was a rumor circulating that executives in charge of the event were given instructions to keep the two country super stars “from crossing paths since they hate each other!"

A friend close to the “Red” singer stated that, "Taylor feels Carrie is always rude to her, so she steers clear of her."

Underwood, however, denied these reports. When asked about the drama rocking the country world, the 29 year old Oklahoma native responded, “No, not that I know of at least.”

Not only did the “Blown Away” singer say there was no bitterness on her part, she also went on to describe her favorite Swift song.

“I really like ‘I Knew You Were Trouble.’ It sounded a lot different for her. I liked the branching out, trying some different sounds.”

Farther along in the interview, The Boot reported that Underwood speculated about how these rumors begin.

"Every magazine, newspaper or gossip TV shows, they can just get away with it by saying a 'source says' or 'a friend said' or 'an insider said.' I've read the most ridiculous things about myself when people do that."

The interview with King is scheduled to air on Wednesday on CBS.

Photo courtesy of INFDaily.com



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