Case closed on Frank Ocean and Chris Brown brawl

By Elizabeth O'Laughlin,

The Chris Brown and Frank Ocean misdemeanor battery case is closed and charges will not be filed. Authorities are concluding their investigation and are not actively seeking further information regarding the altercation.

MTV reports Ocean spoke to investigators earlier and said he was “desirous of prosecution in the incident.” However, Ocean has since posted on Tumblr that he chooses “sanity” and wants “no criminal charges” and “no civil lawsuit.”

Before the announcement of Ocean’s intent to drop charges, officials had been in contact with Ocean and had spoken to him. The witness interviewing process has also begun. Investigators have not yet spoken to Brown.

Steve Whitmore, spokesman for the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, stated,
"All investigations are important and we were going to talk to witnesses and Chris Brown, but now that's not necessary."

Brown could have faced misdemeanor battery charges had Ocean decided to further pursue the case.

Authorities intend to double check with Ocean to make sure he really meant what he said on his Tumblr page. Once confirmed, the case will be dismissed.



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