Celebrity Tweets 2/6

By Samantha Shavell ,

Nothing major happened in the celebrity Twitter world Wednesday. But here are some random, funny and sweet tweets from some of our favorite celebs.

“You mean I'm no longer going to be able to throw all my mail into a giant pile and never read it on Saturdays any more!?”
-Rainn Wilson

“Just shoot me reunion lunch on monday. http://instagr.am/p/VZZr5pKxNq/"
-David Spade

“The Federal Reserve was just hacked. It's bad – they say the hackers could've stolen as much as negative 14 trillion dollars. #fallonmono”
-Jimmy Fallon

“We're gonna put @TheWanted in a house here in LA for a couple months w/ every faith they'll behave themselves. #TheWantedOnE”
-Ryan Seacrest

“I'm making the mama I love some eggs right now. An oMOMellete!!!”
-Tyra Banks

“I love Sugar Gliders, they make such cool pets! http://instagr.am/p/VaPTAcKgKF/"
-Paris Hilton

“My main squeeze @DavidBurtka is one of the main stars in a new feature film called Annie & the Gypsy. The new trailer: http://tinyurl.com/bcl9y2j
-Neil Patrick Harris

“Reminder: You do not diminish your shine/attention/love when you praise other people”
-Gabrielle Union

“My kids have that Asian flu where their throats hurt and their math scores are up.”
-Conan O’Brien



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