Celebrity Tweets: The Academy Awards

By April Chieffo,

After a long awards season, the big night finally arrived. Sunday was Oscar Sunday, so A-list actors and actresses dressed their best and hit the red carpet at the Dolby Theater. Twitter was abuzz throughout the Seth MacFarlane-hosted show and well into the night. These are the tweets from nominees, A-list Oscar fans, and A-list party animals about the Academy Awards:

Miley Cyrus: Love this

Miley Cyrus, Twitter

Seth Rogen: Ah, awards season. Or as I know it, the time of year I learn that I'm too fat for all my suits.

Busy Philipps: Which is more exciting- the Oscars or the fact that it's taco night at my house? Store bought hard taco shells are kindof hard to beat...

Zach Braff: @RayJ was your short film ever nominated?

Dane Cook: Peter Brady is doing a fine job hosting the #Oscars

If the Jaws music interrupts the In Memorium I'm walking out of my own house. #Oscars

Even though we are goofing on the #Oscars I have to say I loved most of these films. So much extraordinary talent.

Congratulations to @BenAffleck for Argo. You deserve it buddy. #Boston #Oscar

Entertainment Weekly: "Great show, says everyone but Entertainment Weekly."- Thanks for the shout out @TheAcademy #EWOscars

Hugh Jackman:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: On the way to pick up my hot date. Hope she knows how to tie a bow tie. :O)

Sally did indeed know how to tie a bow tie! I thought she would.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Facebook

Kaley Cuoco Totally downloading #wesawyourboobs on iTunes

Joel McHale was tweeting throughout the show. Needless to say, he tweeted a lot during the show:

Dear @SethMacFarlane, Congrats hosting the friggin Oscars tonight. Break a leg & anyone else's who looks at you wrong.

OMG! I’ve got Oscar Fever! Chills, nausea, muscle pain, jaundice... actually I’ve got Yellow Fever. Pardon me. (dials 911) #OscarsWithJoel

Anne Hathaway at tonight's Oscars. Ben Affleck in "Argo." Two different people, one frighteningly similar haircut. #OscarsWithJoel

"Les Misérables" is actually French for "My Wife Made Me Watch This." #OscarsWithJoel

Quvenzhané Wallis is the youngest-ever nominee for Best Actress, and her first name garners at least 32 points in Scrabble. #OscarsWithJoel

They should throw @tomhanks into the "In Memoriam" montage, just to see everybody freak out. #OscarsWithJoel

Remove all the instances of the "N" word from "Django Unchained" and the screenplay clocks in at 9 pages. #OscarsWithJoel

Ben Affleck:The last leg of an unbelievable journey. Thanks to the amazing cast, crew and fans that got us here. #Oscars

Lea Michele: Am I watching the #Oscars or the #Tonys? Either way I'm happy:) lol

Steve Martin How can a movie be nominated and not the director? I'll tell you why. Because I directed it over Skype.

Alicia Keys:

Rihanna: God is real #JHud #Oscars

Jah Reign #Adele congrats on your first Oscar

Howard Stern: And they say I'm mean. That jaws music was brutal.

Mark Wahlberg:

Marlee Matlin: Love that Ted. Imagine how dirty he could be in sign language! #Oscars20013

Kelly Clarkson: Wow, the cast of Les Miserables just made me cry. That was such a great performance all of you! Y'all should feel proud!

Jimmy Fallon: Nice night for long haired men. #Oscars

Piers Morgan:
Amused by Twitter indignation to @SethMacFarlane cracking bad taste jokes. He created Family Guy, not Glee. #Oscars

Jaws theme is making me laugh louder and louder each time - hysterical idea. #Oscars

Not really surprising that so few actors can do sincerity at these things. They are actors, after all. #Oscars

Samuel L Jackson:

Jordin Sparks: !!! @OfficialAdele looks amazing beautiful & sounds beautiful! #girlcrush

She deserves it and has the best speeches!!! @OfficialAdele, you keep on winning mama! We love you!

Awww Ben!!! That awesome! And he got choked up! 'Don't hold grudges!' So true!!! Congrats!!

Jennifer Lopez: EVERYBODY SHHHH!!! I'm about to sob!! #Barbra #thequeen #myidol #oscars

OH GOD J-Law tripped and it was sweet and perfect. #oscars

"You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell." —Jennifer Lawrence

Rainn Wilson: I did Kristen Stewarts hair! What do you think!?

Katie Couric: Both great speeches from our Best Actress & Best Actor winners - worth the wait!! #Oscars

"All that matters is you gotta get up!" - wonderful note to end the night on, Ben Affleck!! Congrats all & to all... good night!! #Oscars

Demi Lovato: Kristen Stewart ON CRUTCHES?!!! #TWINZIES

GO JENNIFER LAWRENCE!!!!!!! Only the COOLEST people fall on stage!!

Perez Hilton: Anne Hathaway is upset right now that her win got trumped by Jennifer Lawrence's win AND fall! #Oscars

Tyra Banks: JLaw's fall at the Oscar's was fierce. She got right back up and made a joke about it. I wish my ANTM girls would do same.

Seth Green: Congrats on a great Oscars @SethMacFarlane Thanks for making that so fun #NewClassic

Jamie Foxx:

Jenna Dewan-Tatum: What a fun show!! How great was hubs dancing??! Feeling reaaaalllly pregnant right now but parties here I come!

Ryan Seacrest: And that's the end of red carpet season! Same place, same time next year? @GiulianaRancic, @KristenAldridge, @PeaceLoveShea #GreenGoesGlam

Kristin Chenoweth: Not gonna make all the Oscar parties. Went to two and now I'm turning Into a pumpkin.

Kim Kardashian:

I didn't stay out too late last night, bc I had to be up early, Kardashian Kollection shoot today w my sissys!

The Academy was also tweeting throughout the show:

Seth backstage at the #oscars

Anne makes her way down winners walk #oscars

Jennifer Lawrence signs the winners poster #oscars

Winners photo backstage #oscars #adele

quentin tarantino and jack nicholson chat backstage #oscars

Argo crew celebrates backstage #oscars #argo #bestpicture

And that is that!!!! Thank you all for an amazing #Oscars!!!

The Academy photos courtesy of Instagram



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