Celebrity Tweets: The Grammys

By April Chieffo,

Sunday was music's biggest night. the 55th annual Grammy Awards were held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. The Grammys brought out the biggest names in music and A-list music fans. The Grammys, naturally, were a big Twitter topic. These are celebrity tweets about The Grammys.

Justin Timberlake took fans inside rehearsals before his Grammy performance.

Justin Timberlake: Oh, hey Instagram and Grammy backstage camera crew..headed to stage for soundcheck. @ Los Angeles, CA

Lights, camera...#JTGrammys

The Grammy stage wasn’t the only place Timberlake wowed the crowd. After his Grammy gig he played a show at the Hollywood Palladium.

#jtgrammys @ Hollywood Palladium.

Taylor Swift: Favorite Grammy day moment so far: sitting in my dressing room with Sir Elton, watching @EdSheeran play new songs on his guitar.

Adam Levine: Extremely excited for the @TheGRAMMYs tonight! Performance is going to be EPIC. And I kinda really wanna win one. Ok? Just one will be fine.

Carly Rae Jepsen:

Jessica Biel attended the Grammys to support her husband, Justin Timberlakes’s big comeback performance:

Olivia Wilde: Drinking game: throw one back each time LL licks his lips. Ok STOP you're too drunk!

Skrillex I SUCK SO BAD AT ACCEPTANCE SPEECHES ...I am officially the most awkward public speaker in the world.,BUT THANK YOU!!

Pharrell Williams: Hey lil sis @MileyCyrus, you know it's gonna be all about you at next year's @TheGRAMMYs, right? #GRAMMYS #smilers

Ryan Seacrest: We be on our suit and tie. jtimberlake #grammys #greengoesglam

Josh Groban on Fun.'s performance: Is that water because Pink is twirling above them?

Neil Patrick Harris had a lot to say during the awards.

Neil Patrick Harris: Rihanna is gorgeous! But I thought that song was about Chris Brown, not some guy in a black knit ski cap.

Kelly Clarkson has one of the best voices in the history of ever.

I had no idea Christian Bale could play the guitar and sing in spanish. What can’t that guy do???

Hayley Williams: FUN. !!!!!!!!! I wish I was watching but my mom just texted me to tell me they won song of the year! You take that Grammy

Brooklyn Decker:

Mark Ballas: That's what I'm talking about @jtimberlake absolutely SMASHED it #Grammys

Ellen DeGeneres ran into a bunch of big stars.

Ellen DeGeneres: I had the best time presenting with @Beyonce. For anyone who is confused- I'm the one to the left. #GRAMMYs

WhoSay - Photo from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Rolling in the Deep with @OfficialAdele. #GRAMMYs

WhoSay - Photo from The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Carrie Underwood, who walked away a winner at the Grammy Awards, remembered to thank her husband, Mike Fisher, but forgot to thank the producer and writers of her winning song, “Blown Away.”

Carrie Underwood: I can't believe that happened! I forgot to thank the wonderful Mark Bright (producer) & Josh Kear & Chris Tompkins (writers of "Blown Away")

Perez Hilton: And the best walk-up to accept an award at the #Grammys goes to @kelly_clarkson!

Ed Sheeran: So much fun playing my song with Sir Elton too, will not forget that!!

Zac Brown Band:
Music was better when Stevie Wonder was winning Album of the Year every year. #GRAMMYS

Alicia Keys:

Keys also congratulated other big winners.

Congrats to @OurNameIsFun for winning Best New Artist! Love seeing new talent and they totally deserved it!!! #GRAMMYs

Congrats to @frank_ocean!!! An immense, endless talent!!!! Whooohoooo!!!!!! ;-)

who were her favorite performances? Justin Timberlake and the Bob Marley tribute.

So great to see @jtimberlake back on stage. He killed it tonight! #GRAMMYs

she added:

Loved seeing @Rihanna @Sting @BrunoMars @damianmarley and @ziggymarley work it on stage tonight!!! This room was on fire!!!! #GRAMMYs

Mark Hoppus: I'm not at the grammys because my outfit violated “be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered" policy. and not invited.

Pink was a nominee at the Grammys. She didn't attend because her sold-out tour begins in just a few days. Pink, however, did tune in. She had a lot to say about the show.

Pink: I'm sorry honey @hartluck but every time Johnny Depp speaks with that low voice, I can't find my clothes. Oops there they are. #brrrrr

Congrats to Kelly Clarkson for the award and that love able speech. You made me laugh. Can't wait to hear that song with Miguel. Xo

Kelly responded: @Pink um .....this just made my night! I love you! I am a horrible public speaker. I want to vomit and cry all at once ha :)

Pink later wrote:

Tonight's Grammy's was one of the best music shows I've seen in a really long time. So many wonderful performances. So much MUSIC. #Inspired.

During her acceptance speech, Kelly Clarkson said, "Miguel, I don't know who the hell you are but we need to sing together, that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen.”

A song may soon be in the works because it wasn’t long before they got acquainted.

Kelly Clarkson: Miguel!

Blake Shelton: So Miranda and I have talked about it. And I don't care what anybody says. ANYBODY.. @kelly_clarkson is THE best singer on earth. Period.

Dane Cook: N'SYNC killing it tonight. Can't wait until the rest of the group gets lowered down on puppet strings. #Grammys

JoJo: JT just made me feel like a little girl in the 1950's seeing Elvis for the first time.

Miranda Lambert Tonight I talked to beyonce:), exchanged numbers with @aliciakeys and got stuck to one of my favorite singers ever @kelly_clarkson. Happy!

Jim Carrey: Good Grammys tonight! Jam packed with boing! It has lifted me and now I cannot lose! WTH was with Frank Ocean though? Yikes!

Lea Michele: Amazing performances so far on the #Grammys tonight! Loved @adamlevine & @aliciakeys.. And @kelly_clarkson just blew me away! What a voice!

Rihanna:That lucky #7 again! Thank you Navy, and congratulations! We got our 7th Grammy and Im so happy! Your support is everything to me

Amber Rose: Tonight was epic Sting put both of his hands on my belly and blessed our baby. I died :-)

It's cool 2 think our son is gonna look back & see that he was chillin at the Grammys before he was even born #Swag ;-)

Kimbra: What just happened?! Jzkcksljckxjckvjx

Kim Kardashian: Awww just waking up in Brazil, seeing Kanye won 3 Grammy's last night!!! That makes a total of 21!!!! That's just so insane! Soooo proud!!!

Justin Timberlake, Kelly Clarkson, Ryan Seacrest, Amber Rose photos courtesy of Instagram. Ellen DeGeneres Photos courtesy of Whosay



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