Celebrity Tweets: Saturday, February 16

By April Chieffo,

These are the celebrity tweets from Saturday, February 16:


Mindy Kaling: The woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have sour straws to eat #seeyaBoston #backtowork

JoJo: Dave Grohl, filling in for Chelsea Handler, interviewing Elton John. So friggin awesome all around.

Lena Dunham: I hardly drink, don't do drugs. My major vice is reading the "personal life" section of Wikipedia entries til' I'm doused in despair. Other top vices include lateness and littering, aka things that do not directly cause cancer but do directly cause fights

Selena Gomez tweeted from Paris. She shared a photo of herself with Spring Breakers co-stars Ashley Benson and Vanessa Hudgens.

Lady Gaga was forced to cancel the rest of her tour due to an injury.

Charlie Sheen:

Ed Sheeran: Playing a gig at Lego land today. Combining both my hobbies in one activity. Boss

Sarah Silverman: There is only one you. but barely

Deadmau5: You know you have a badass vegetarian gf when she makes you bacon in the morning... Delicious bacon!

Kevin Hart: This is the Face of a 2 time MVP ...... #TheTrophyWasHeavy

Mark Hoppus: What kind of word game arbitrarily decides that "fart" isn't a word, but "bros" IS?! I'M SO F--KING PISSED RIGHT NOW!!!

Busy Philipps: My daughter asked me what the scar above my belly button was. I didn't know how to explain it was because of Aerosmith & Alicia Silverstone.

Kevin Hart photo courtesy of Instagram



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