Celebrity Tweets: Saturday, February 23

By April Chieffo,

These are celebrity tweets from Saturday, February 23

Neil Patrick Harris: Today is International Sword Swallowers Day. I’m sure there are lots of jokes there, but figured the legit carnies deserve a shout out.

Nicki Minaj:

Amber Rose on her newborn son, Sebastian: We can't stop staring at Sebastian he's beautiful!!! He's the perfect mixture btw me & Wiz. He has Wiz's Lips & my round head Lol ;-)

Ryan Seacrest: My work out partners

Ryan Seacrest, Instagram

Miley Cyrus: "Snuggle" the bear gives me nightmares.

Kristen Bell:

Jimmy Fallon:

Jenna Dewan-Tatum:There's something so amazing about knowing our First Lady knows how to dougie

Kevin Hart: I'm about to get this morning workout in.....summer time is right around the corner MITCHES. I'm about to look like a little black TROPHY

Justin Bieber: I wanna do a concert in space

Mandy Moore: I always feel the need to explain my purchases at the grocery store when the person behind me is only buying kale. #yesieatstringcheese

Hunter Hayes: Oh hey Seattle! Looking forward to checking out this local coffee shop... Called STARBUCKS.

Hayley Williams Pancake machine.... The stuff of dreams...

Hayley Williams, Instagram

Rob Huebel: Just looked out my window and saw 2 hawks mating in mid-air. I have never wanted to play acoustic guitar more than right now.

Conan O’Brien: I relate a little too much to that new Marvel superhero, Captain Needy.

The Voice winner, Cassadee Pope: Got enough songs for a little more than 2 albums. Getting close!

Hilary Duff:



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