Charlie Sheen tells fugitive Dorner 'call me'

By Ezekiel Hernandez,
The actor says he looks forward to talking to Dorner.

Charlie Sheen sent a message out to the alleged cop-killing fugitive, Christopher Dorner: “Call me.”

Sheen, speaking through his TMZ video series, also thanked Dorner for the kind words in his now famous “manifesto” that was made public by authorities. Sheen’s message, shot with a grainy webcam, was brief and spoken very directly to the fugitive.

The long letter details plans to get revenge on the LAPD, and includes several positive shout-outs to celebrities, one being Sheen:

“Charlie Sheen, you’re effin awesome,” the letter said.

Sheen said he looks forward to hearing from Dorner, and says he hopes he can help bring the situation to an end.

Dorner is suspected in multiple murders in the Southern California area. Sunday, LAPD Police Chief Charlie Beck announced a $1 million reward for helping to find the disgruntled ex-officer. According to ABC News, Beck said this is the biggest reward that’s ever been offered.

Many local and federal agencies in the area are participating in this manhunt that has quickly escalated through most of last week.



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