‘Chasing the Saturdays’ recap: Home Sweet Sats

By Catherine Silver,

On this episode of Chasing the Saturdays, the girls make their big return home to London.

As soon as the Sats touched down on their home turf, they were greeted at the airport by adoring fans. The Saturdays were excited to reunite with their friends and family, and were grateful for their welcome back to the U.K.

While on the flight home, Una learns about her husband Ben’s latest rugby injury. Throughout her visit home, she worries about Ben’s health and the possibility of a career-ending injury. Unfortunately, Ben ruptured some ligaments on the outside of his ankle and learns that he will miss 10-12 weeks of the season. Una struggles with her decision to stay in London and look after Ben, or return to America with the rest of the band and continue working.

Rochelle and Marvin continue their house hunt by searching for their perfect home. The newly married couple seem to have a different idea of what their dream home should be. Rochelle tries to steer Marvin away from finding a new bachelor pad, and gets him to focus on finding a family home. After stressing about her time crunch to return to LA, Rochelle and Marvin decide that they need to relieve the pressure and wait to find something they both love.

Frankie takes advantage of her time in London by reuniting with former bandmate Calvin Goldspink. Frankie and Rochelle used to be in the band S Club Juniors with Calvin when they were young. Frankie gets mischievous when she remembers that Mollie had a childhood crush on Calvin. The prankster makes plans to have lunch with both of them, and then turns the meeting into a date by neglecting to show up. Mollie gets back at her by convincing Frankie that Calvin may be the one. Jokes aside, Frankie learns her lesson and the pair bounce right back into having carefree fun.



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