Chris Brown and Drake file suit against each other over June brawl

By Steven Mitchell,

Chris Brown and Drake are now part of the growing list of people waiting to sue over a brawl that took place in June at W.i.P nightclub in New York.

According to TMZ, the two are actually putting the blame on one another and are suing each other. Both stars claim that they weren’t responsible for the fight.

In August, French model Romain Julien sued both Drake and Brown for a severed tendon in his right hand, lacerations from broken glass, a cosmetic defect and metal suffering after the fight, reports MTV.

No criminal charges have been filed from the June scuffle. San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker, who was caught in the crossfire, filed a $20 million lawsuit against the nightclub. Parker suffered a laceration to the cornea in his left eye along with other injuries.

Others who are in line to sue over the brawl are the nightclub themselves. They filed suit against both Drake and Brown.

Two women who were present that night claim that they suffered injuries and filed suit against W.i.P.

There was not enough evidence found by investigators to have brought up either Drake or Brown on criminal charges. The argument is said to have happened over Rihanna.



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